About Me.

About Me.


Atton Conrad O’Murchadha is a London based advertising and art photographer.

London born, Belfast bred im what could be described as “old school no school” when it comes to photography. 

I’m fully self-taught and learnt photography through assisting for ten years in early 2000’s London.

 My early career was focused on the creative edge of art/fashion, shooting for magazines such as 125, Issue One and Flux. 

I shot an editorial for 125 Magazine, involving painting dresses on models with light, went somewhat viral and I scored a few big campaigns shooting light trails.

I had huge fun on international campaign images for Hennessy, working with a fantastic team at O2 mobile and fully Light Painting a car for a Karma Rovero in L.A.

I still employ a great deal of light painting in my still life but it’s less for trails and more as a super-accurate flexible light source.

Im pride myself in being a generalist but if I had to label my areas (on pain of death) it would be in Beauty, Still life, Conceptual and Automotive Photography & Motion.

I have an old school level of finish but a modern flexibility that seems to work in those arenas.

I have been working a lot with brands that need a photographer who is comfortable shoot stills and motion on both product & people.

This is great for getting a consistent aesthetic across the deliverables.

light. composition. concept.

light. composition. concept.

I do particularly enjoy working with chaotic mediums. Water splashes, smoke, paint or light trails all fit into this category. Something that is unique to that moment and can’t be repeated perfectly or controlled fully. Where you can’t take the same picture twice.

I love that flow state working with the chaos to tease out a beautiful image.

Ive been getting more and more engaged with motion and fine art in equal measure.

I believe always pushing your creative skill set feeds back Ito the whole of my work.

Im currently working on a conceptual art piece called “The Fall” amongst other commercial projects.